What is wrong in your life and how do you fix it?

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Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems wrong?

The air smells bad. Your clothes feel uncomfortable. People around you seem over-happy while you are having a terrible time?

Well here is the reason – it’s not them it’s you!

We all have bad days – it’s human. How you get through them and what you do to change the situation is up to you.

If you let the bad feelings or smells or weather get to you then you have lost the battle with yourself.

Remember these posts are about positivity – This is about making the most of everyday.

So when you having a bad one; stop! Collect yourself. Assess and decide if it is everyone and everything else or just you.

I learnt a nice saying here in Australia the other day: “Have a cup of concrete”.

You can work out the meaning of this and sometimes instead of the morning coffee maybe this is what you need.


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