If It Walks and Clucks like a Chicken is it a Chicken?

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Photo:Men’s Fellowship network

There is an old story about an eagle’s egg that rolled out of it’s nest and landed up in a chicken farm. The egg hatched and the little eagle was groomed and raised as a chicken.

All its life it watched the birds in the sky flying and yearned to fly like them too. But everytime it asked why it couldn’t fly it would get the same response: “Don’t be silly – you are a chicken and chickens don’t fly!”

Society does this to us too. We get told what we can’t do rather than encouraged to go out there and do it.

You see it’s easier to encourage us to be mediocre, that way there is no ill feelings when we don’t make it.

It’s safer right?


Don’t be chicken! If you have something in you that you need to get out or something you need to do, then go do it! We would be nowhere if people didn’t follow their dreams and take chances.

I am not suggesting throw caution to the wind and jump off a cliff and if you reading this chances are you are human and so unless you have a parachute or other form of flying apparatus please don’t jump off anything high.

I am suggesting that if you believe that you have something you want to do or build; then do it. If you feel that you were meant to do more than just run along in the day to day rat-race, step out and see what happens.

There are no guarantees in life. There are only outcomes. What these are and who achieves this is unknown, that’s what makes it so exciting.

Don’t give a flying cluck what others think; go be awesome!


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