When can you not do more?

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There are 3 main components to success.

The first is talent. Let’s be honest, we all want to be the best at what we do but especially in sports, you do need to have some degree of talent or skill(s).

The second is knowledge – knowing how to do things, knowing what the outcomes are, knowing what will or could happen when you do what you do and the predictability of the desired outcome combined with the skills that you have should lead to success.

Well, not always – you see there is still a 3rd and the most important component. Your mind!

I will use a golf reference here; the Yips.

Yip – as in yip he missed it again!

Sergio Garcia was one of the best golfers and had the potential to be one of the “Greats” and did achieve great things but he had one problem. His mind!

He had the skills to hit the ball, he had the knowledge of the courses he played and where and what to hit and how it will result as well as the potential outcomes but when it came to the 3-foot-putt he had the Yips!

His mind failed him.

Some call it BMT, Big Match Tempremant – the honest truth is his mind was weak.

Now don’t get me wrong. Standing trying to make a putt that is worth a million dollars with crowds and TV cameras zoomed in on you is going to be tough for the best of the best yet, people do it.

Look at Tiger Woods- he didn’t become the best in the world because of just the skills he had – all the top golfers have unbelievable skills. He got there because his mind was better and stronger than the others.

Some will argue with me that he trained harder, hit more balls, practiced longer hours etc etc etc. Yes, he did – but he lost when his mind failed. When he gave up mentally he lost no matter what happened in the rest of the field.

The opposite is also true. When his mind was laser focussed and totally switched onto the win, he did!

This is the same for all of us too.

If you lose in your head you have lost and all the skill, training and knowledge won’t do anything for you.

So, think about difficult circumstances and how your mindset was. Chances are it was negative, right?

Today’s lesson is that no matter what is thrown at you, if your mind is positive and focussed you will succeed and the measure of success is not necessarily first place (that is a singular event) but over the long term and generally speaking you will win!


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