Do you lie to customers?

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If you tell the truth you will always remember the facts, that’s why they called the facts!

It is really hard to remember the details of a lie.

So, have you felt that you need to lie to a customer because you have missed a deadline or deliverable?

Of course you have, I have, we all have. You are probably lying to me and yourself if you say you haven’t.

Here is the problem with it.

You have to remember it forever, and that is hard as it actually never happened and so it can’t be a memory!

There was an incident at a college a few years back where 4 students had a massive night out and overslept and missed their exam.

They needed a bullet-proof excuse!

They approached the principle and said that they had been at the library studying all night and on the way back to their apartment a tyre burst and they were stuck on the road

As they had no spare and no assistance so they walked the 30 km home and in such were exhausted and overslept resulting in them missing the exam.

The Principle responded saying this was understandable and that these things happen in life. He offered a make up exam in 2 days time.

The students were grateful and walked out smiling thinking they had gotten away with it.

Two days late, they presented themselves to the Principle and he advised that they will be taking the exam in separate rooms. The students said this was fine as they were prepared and ready to go.

When they got in the room they received their exam and there was only two questions for a total of the 100 marks!

Question 1 for 1 mark was ” What is your name?”

Question 2 for 99 marks was “Which tyre on the car burst? Front Right? Front Left? Back Right? or Back Left?”

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