Why you should be more sceptical

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This is a good thing.

Yesterday I spoke about learning. It would be remiss of me to not point out that some things we read are not necessarily factual nor beneficial to society.

We are individuals, not lemmings.

Don’t follow like sheep – challenge the farmer!

We have lots of products that promise us all kinds of wonderful things.

Surely you don’t just accept it as fact?
If you do, you need to re-evaluate your thinking.

Being sceptical is good, being negative or cynical is not.
I am not suggestiong that you challenge everything for the sake of doing so.

It is pointless challenging the fact that water is wet. It is!

Today is about getting you to think for yourself.
To stop ingesting information and rather consume that which is going to help you be better in life.


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Image: planet argon

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