What do you see?

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It has been a tough few years. So it may be understandable that some people are more glass half empty rather than half full.

How many times have you thought something was incredible and then when you showed it to someone else they pointed out the flaws rather than seeing the same thing that you thought was awesome?

Example; you see an amazing sunset and call someone to share it with you the next day.

When they do and the sun sets and you turn to them and say, wasn’t that beautiful?
They answer: “So now its dark, I hope you brought a torch so we can find our way back to the car”!

Pointing out flaws or missing when someone is sharing something they revere is counter-productive.

Before you say something, especially in response to something that has been shown to you as something important to that person, think about the following:

“Will my response be productive or destructive?”

“Will what I think compliment or deter the person?”

Crushing peoples dreams or things they like is not good for them nor you – so don’t be that person!

You get it.


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