Being Superhuman part 3 of 3

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There is a difference between pressure and stress and worry and anxiety.

The two are grouped but you want the former pair.

In order for us to be Superhuman we need to be under pressure and stress.

You see if there isn’t a do or die deadline chances are we won’t focus or knuckle down and do.

This is a human trait. We are wired to find the least path of resistance and with that comes mediocracy.

Basically we need to be under the pump to deliver our best.

This is not for everyone hence me calling this post being Superhuman.

Some people interpret stress and pressure as worry and anxiety. This is dangerous and can lead to all kinds of medical issues even death!

The takeaway here is that you sometimes need to place yourself under pressure (halve your delivery deadline or over – promise knowing you can still deliver but it’s going to take everything you have to do so). This turns on the pressure taps and the Superhumans kick into gear.


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