What is it that destroys your perceptions?

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Something I think we all battle with is perceptions.

When you decide to do something, what did you expect would be the outcome?

All of us get this wrong at times.

If you set up a delivery service that promises 24 hour delivery – what do you expect your customers perceptions are?

That you will try deliver in 24 hours or that you will?

When you get a puppy what did you expect? That it will just sit there as an ornament and not require feeding, walking or playing?

When you sign up for an 8 week yoga class what did you expect? That you would just go lie on a mat and chant?

This is a problem for all of us – we are doing things knowing what is required but get frustrated or even angry when faced with fulfilling or delivering on these expectations.

So how do we manage this?

It is actually easy. Before you do something just ask yourself: “Are you ready to do “x”? Are you prepared to do all the associated things that come with “x”? Is this what you thought was involved in doing “x”?

If the answer is no to any or all of these questions then it is really simple.

Don’t do “x”!

The lesson here is also retrospective! You see you are in your current situation because of choices you made (or didn’t).

So if you decided to have a child, what did you expect when your child actually wants some of your attention?

You decided to be your own boss and build your own dream. What did you expect when faced with all the admin and decisions that you have to and have made?

This weekend – sit down and think about where you are in your life, what you did or didn’t do to get there and what the expectations of all those involved with the decisions are and then act or deliver accordingly.

We are not trees. We don’t have roots – we can move and change whenever we feel like it. So if your perceptions and expectations don’t line up; change!


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