Revitalise to Succeed

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Welcome back from all the holidays! The idea of the break was to rest, reset and get ready.

I hope you did!

In order to be good, nah, great – we need to make sure we have more of what we need and less of what we don’t.

As we coming out of the weekend I thought it would be good to point out something most of us are guilty of…

Excess of the wrong stuff!

We dont get enough sleep, exercise nor nutrition.

We do have too much sugar, alcohol or processed foods.

Sound like you?

The point is – in order to be at your best your body needs to be at its best too and soo giving it more of what it needs is critical.

Most peolple ramp up on the weekend – drink more, eat worse and sleep less – this means that we limp into Monday feeling really tired and broken before the week has even started!

Try moderating and controlling on the weekend (and generally during the week too)and see how efficient you are next week!


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