Are you an elephant or a mouse?

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So yesterday may have been a harder post than I normally write, I won’t apologise for it because it was true and honest.

But today I thought maybe to add some tools or thinking to complement the post.

Grow a thick skin!

You see when ranting on about how we play down failure and try to promote the “spirit” of the game I realised that some people may be really good at what they do but are anxious or meek. These people would probably not do well in an environment where brutal honesty is the main course and served cold.

So to these people, you need to get a thick skin. It will take personal development training and probably months to master but it is possible to do so. As I said – the world is a tough place so you need to be prepared for it. This is no different to putting sunblock on when you go to the beach. You don’t have to wear it all day every day – just when you are in a situation or place that requires it.

The opposite also applies. This is to the leaders out there – autocracy is not called fall and more often than not will always fail in the end. I need you to learn to be firm and succinct without being someone that no one likes.

Remember – you are not at work to make friends but equally you are not there to make enemies either. Understanding how to lead and manage people based on their strengths and weaknesses is what separates a good from a great leader.

Learn to be a great leader.

So – if you are a mouse act like an elephant and if you are an elephant think about how the mouse would feel if you stood on it.


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