Set yourself free

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Yesterday I spoke about reigniting your dreams.

I thought to carry on from that theme and look at one of the biggest reasons you probably let go of your dreams.

Nope, it’s not because you got older.
It’s not because you got married and had kids.
It’s not that you have additional responsibilities that preclude the free-thinking spirit.

It is because you are surrounded by people or situations that keep telling you that you can’t!

Have you ever wondered why some people are famous or wealthy or successful?

It’s because they wanted it and believed in it more than you.

That’s all.

We all have the same abilities and opportunities in front of us – it’s whether we choose to grasp them or brush them aside.

Think about events in your past.

Were you ever offered a position in a company or a chance to go into business with someone that you didn’t take and now that company is massive and super-successful?

If the answer is yes – then everything I said above applies: You had the opportunity and you did not take it.

If the answer is No – then you have really been living in the wrong place and hanging with the wrong people – but it’s not too late.

The secret is not to look for the opportunity but rather to look at what you currently have.

I can just hear some people saying: “I have nothing Brett, so now what?”

First off this is not the “Feel sorry for yourself blog” – so suck it up.

Then, Google how many people come from less than nothing and become super successful and then ask yourself how bad you really have it.

Stop making excuses and start realising you can do it

Set yourself free.


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Image: Jeff Davis

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