Are you here or are you HERE!

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Tech is supposed to bring us together but does it?

Look at people in a restaurant. They are there but they are not emotionally there as they are on their phones.

In a theatre are they watching the big screen or the one in their hands?

We are actually disconnected by being connected. We need to try foster human relationships. It’s hard but will be worth it.

Start paying attention before you find that you are in detention. This is both in your professional and personal lives.

Our customers want us to make them feel like they are the only ones we have, the best way to do this is to actually be present. Have face to face meetings without distractions. Call them not just email or text.

The same applies to your family and friends, maybe even more so. Sit around a table and actually talk. Leave the phone in the entrance hall when you get home.

Sit and watch a movie or show on the TV together without holding your phone, try holding their hand. Yes this is looking at a screen, but you are doing it together and not being on your phones at the same time.

Take in the physical moments and relish them.

Look up!


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