Build YOU not your CV!

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We spend our days trying to build our professional selves.

It’s time to build you as you.

People will not remember a CV they will only remember you and what impact you did or worse didn’t have.

When it’s all said and done will you be remembered for achieving the sales target for 6 years running or for being the guy that always had time to help others?

You see the problem is that we are so busy building ourselves to be found online or to ensure there is a review about us in the “right” publication, the number of followers we have or times our comments are liked.

Rather spend this time and effort building the person that you are trying to capture in the above and guess what, real people will learn this about you and tell your story.

Can you honestly remember who got the most likes on Facebook last year? However, I am pretty sure you know who the first man to walk on the moon was, even though you may not have been around to witness it or read it on Instagram?

Discover and more importantly, be you and be the best damn version of you possible!


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