Do you know how to get the genius out of people?

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Let them speak!

Too often we silence those that have the answers.

Think about an office environment. There is the extroverted, sometimes loud and rambunctious people and then the general people and last off, the introverts.

What are they doing there? Do you know?
Most will probably say – they are the admin people or the data people or the programmers, right?

Well chances are you would be correct. So here is the reality check!

The admin people are the ones that make sure the bills are paid and the lights stay on. Pretty important I would say.

The data people are the ones providing the closers or extroverts (who are generally the client facing part of the company) the critical data and insights needed to find the business, work the business and close the deals.

If it wasn’t for programmers, there would be no websites and you wouldn’t be reading this!

So – let’s look at it again – these quiet people, minding their own business are actually minding your business. They are the real geniuses in the company.

So engage them, help bring them out the shadows. Let them know that they are cool and their weird clothing style and nuances are actually a cool.

Embrace them and learn from them as these are the people that will make you more successful than you thought possible.

In order to learn you need to remain silent. Take in what those around you are willing to share if they are given the chance to do so.


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