What is the Real Value of Everything?

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A little boy wants to buy a puppy.

At the pet shop he sees that one of the puppies is lame and decides he wants it.

The shop owner says to him “No you dont – it wont run it, it wont jump and you won’t have as much fun as you would with one of the normal puppies”!

After insisting that he still wants the little lame puppy the store owner says, “Ok, if you really want that little puppy then just take him as I can’t sell him anyway”!

The little boy got upset and said he wants it and he will pay full price.

The shopkeeper is confused and again tries to convince him to just take it as he can’t sell the puppy as he doesnt have the same value as the normal puppies.

The little boy rolled up the left leg of his pants to reveal a fake leg and said that he doesn’t run or jump so well either so he understands exactly how the puppy will feel but his parents still love him just the same!

The lesson here is that we need more compassion and understanding – our quickness to be judgemental is toxic. We need to look at every situation and encounter for what it can potentially be as opposed to what it may present as.

There is value in everything, it is just how we and more importantly, others, value it.


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