Be the center of focus not attention

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There is a big difference between being the center of attention or being the focal point.

Attention is not always a positive thing – let’s take the recent USA elections.

They were all-consuming for a lot of people and in such – everything else was pushed to the side.

Then when it’s over, you have to get back to it!

This is why I’m saying chose focus rather than attention.

No matter what it is you are choosing to do or what service or products your company offers – be the focal point of all those you are looking to engage, who have become customers and even more importantly, your competitors.

If everyone is watching what you are doing then you can do what it is you need to and should be doing.

The opposite is also true and will lead to you having nothing to do, with no one to do it with or for!

Focus your attention and be the focus of attention of others too!


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