Do you know the word for success?

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No – not in relationship status I am talking about where your focus and attention needs to be.

This is also not about doing only one thing (although that is not necessarily bad) this is about one focus point.

The challenge in business is to get your customers to come to you and spend with you.

So, why do you spend so much time driving them to platforms where they can get distracted or even worse; hijacked!

Don’t spend time trying to master Facebook or TikTok.

I am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t use these platforms but use them to get the traffic back to you!

Build your website or destination; a single point of convergence for your customers and potential customers.

Don’t get people to spend time engaging with you on someone else’s platform.

This is something I have only just started to realise in the past few years and I have built solutions and strategies to combat against this and drive towards my clients businesses.

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