Who is it actually for?

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Most of this week I have been talking about what you should do and with who you should do it as well as why you do it.

To bring this home, most of these things do rely on one thing: Who you do this for?

Now this could be a selfish reflection and just for yourself, thats fine! Maybe there are no significant people in your life so why not do it all for yourself.

For those of you that have families or people that you love or spend most of your time with then this is the (obvious) answer.

You do what you do, because you love what you do and are proud of what you do and know that those important to you in your life will be proud of you and your achievements too.

So, this weekend sit down and look in the mirror and ask yourself the five questions based on the posts of this week.

  1. Why do you do it?
  2. Do you love doing it?
  3. Are you proud of what you have done?
  4. Who do your do it for?
  5. Are the people in your life (or are you) proud of what you have done too?


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