Everyone has talent

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But ability takes hard work! 

There is a difference between working hard though and hard work.

When you work with a purpose or goal, you will achieve it.

I can sit and work on packing shelves over and over again – this is hard work – but will not make me more successful as there is no real purpose.

Figuring out a system to ensure the shelves auto stock or are replenished while products are being taken off, this is hard work but leads to creating an ability to solve stock problems.

Athletes are the same.

You can run at the same pace over the same distance everyday – you may get fitter and it is hard work, but your skill as a runner does not improve.

Varying, correcting and amplifying the daily workout will increase your ability to be a better runner!

You get it?

Strive to increase your ability through hard work and then your talent will be amplified and hopefully recognised.


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