Want to know the secret skills to negotiate?

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If you didn’t read yesterday’s post please do so before reading this one.

Today is about finding out what people really want.

Here are 3 simple tricks:

  1. Ask – yip – actually, ask them what they are planning to do, what are they saving to spend money on? Why are you doing this instead of that?
    The most important part of this step is to keep quiet and listen! Keep asking more questions based on the answers they give you – this is mining in its truest form.
  2. This is a bit trickier but get into their shoes. What are they thinking about? Who are they worried about? Why are they worried about these people? What should they be doing with their business or lives or relationships? Put yourself in their position and see what they are trying to achieve or what are the pressures or challenges they are faced with.

Once you can figure this out you are better equipped to help them and as such get the work! The last secret in negotiating is

  1. Do your homework! Seems obvious but so many people still don’t do their research before engaging with a client. Do you know the players in the industry? What is happening that could make them spend money and if that is something you could provide them.

The summary is that you can get anything you want if you can figure out how to give the other person what they want.

I think there is still more that I can share on this – so see you tomorrow.


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