Why do we do what we do?

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When you going to do something, do it right, do it accurately, do it with care and most important of all, do it for you!

This is important!

When you build something, it is your name that is attached to it. If you make something that has a flaw or scratch, even if it is not visible, make it again.

Do you know what the inside of the back of your chest of drawers looks like?

Probably not.

The way to tell if it is quality or not is not by looking at the visible materials. Look at the material or elements you can’t see.

By making sure that everything is perfect and correct, no shortcuts taken and finishing with excellence – you have won.

Now apply this to the work you do.

The difference between a luxury quality watch and a cheap one is normally the things you can’t see. It’s the attention to detail inside the watch, that no one can see, that will make it last longer than the cheap one.

Before you deliver the proposal or send the design, is it perfect and made the best you can do?

If not – delete and start again.


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