Missed habits?

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Image: David kelley

Habits are great!

They center us, they help us keep a regulated routine and unless they are illegal, are usually good for us.

So you missed something …

It’s the end of the world!

Is it though? The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up for missing a habit.

Let’s take meditation.

This is a practice of centering ourselves, releasing stress and just relaxing our state of mind.

If you miss a session and let it affect you like it’s the end of the world, it seems pretty counterintuitive right?

The point I am trying to make is that a lot of us let to-do-lists and reminders or schedules run (or ruin) our lives.

If you miss a session, so what! It really will not be the end of the world. If something is not life-threatening, don’t let it ruin your day or life.

I hear so many people say that they can’t do something because they have to catch up on something else. The question I ask them is then when are they going to catch up on the thing they are putting off to do the thing they missed and to date, no one has the answer.

It’s simple, there isn’t one!

Live in the now, plan for tomorrow but don’t waste time trying to catch up on yesterday.


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