Be the ball!

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We have all had moments where we have fallen. Most successful people remember these more than they do the wins.

The lows cut deeper than the highs reward.

There are 4 stages that you need to be aware of :

The Fall – there is a difference between falling and failing! A fall doesn’t have to be a major event either it can be little setbacks. The harder you fall the higher you can bounce back.

The Impact – at this moment you want to be a tennis ball not a water balloon. The impact is the personal blow! It is the moment you get to the bottom and realise there has been a setback. It’s what you do with this that matters. Splat or use the energy and start to bounce back up?

Restoration- this is the ah-ha moment. This is when you start to pick yourself up, dust off and get your shit back together. This is the beginning of the next phase.
You realise that this fall does not define you but rather the ability to pick up the pieces and start again.

Elevation – this is the point where you rise up and more often than not bounce higher than you were before. This is the next phase in the journey.

The above can happen in minutes or in months or even years. The important thing is to realise that they do happen and will continue to do so.

It’s how you are mentally prepared for these bounces that will get you through them.


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