Want a no-fail sales strategy?

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You have to ask someone to buy 3 times.

Yip – that’s it – do not take a no and move on.

However – you have to ramp it up each of the successive times.

Ask for the sale – then ask again but add on that someone else may benefit from your purchase as well as helping you and then for the last attempt – take the feed back from the second rejection and then hit them hard with an indirect benefit – maybe what you are offering is tax deductible? Maybe you are donating proceeds from your sale (that you are still trying to close) to a worthy cause?

Whatever it is – the key takeaway is that you have to stay engaged and committed to the sale.

Think about those pushy sales people in shopping malls – they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t closing deals.

Many people give up on the first “no” they receive. if you show strength and tenacity and continue to push you will close more deals.

I recently had a telesales person call me for a donation. They asked where they could send the raffle tickets to. I said I wasn’t interested. He didn’t miss a beat and proceeded to tell me that there were many affordable options and that he was sure I could afford one of them. I said no again with some excuse. straight away he hit me with the cheapest option he has and even though it was so low it will go a long way to help the organisation he was raising for.

Unfortunately for him I still said no, not because he wasn’t doing a good job and following all the advise i have suggested above, I just didn’t care for the cause or the tickets and so he was not going to get the sale from me. That being said, I know lots of people that would capitulate and take the cheapest option once presented.

Sell in 3’s – progress the pitch and add emotional references on each of the additional pitches.


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