Are you real?

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Authenticity is the most important thing you can be – its what your customers look for when dealing with you.

Yet, in the world of Influencers and Instagramers, Tik Tok-ers etc. how authentic are we really?

We are probably the most false that society has ever been.

  1. Be a professional – Instagram is not a profession – show up on time when you are supposed to – none of this Diva shit!
  2. Always deliver the best you have, even when you not in the mood. This is not about a show, this is about being a professional – you do what you say you are going to do – not because you want to; because you have to!
  3. Don’t take on someone else’s problems if they are going to affect you and your ability to perform.
  4. Own your actions – what you say, do and put out into the world has to line up!
  5. No moaning – your actions are yours.


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Image: my american nurse

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