Why you lose good team members

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Image: HR Daily Adviser

In most cases it comes down to you!

Yip. You!

There are numerous reasons but most of them have to do with you and your demands.

You see people are just that, people. They are not machines and further for them it is actually just a job.

It may be your company and you may work long and extended hours but that doesn’t mean they want to.

They have a life outside of your company.

As a leader you need to understand that they don’t want to be contacted after hours. They don’t find 60 hour weeks fun or rewarding and definitely have better things to do on the weekend.

There is also your management style and tolerance.

Let’s start with style – this is obvious but may need pointing out.

If you are Napoleonic it is probably not the best way to treat people.

Equally, if you tolerate bad performance without consequences then the higher performers on the team will look elsewhere.

The key is balance. Clear outlined rules as well as fair and true leadership – this will go along way to satisfaction levels and hopefully team tenure.


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