How to get more time

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I speak about this frequently – but normally from the point of view that we all have the same time and it’s how we use it that counts.

So – to give some perspective to the anomilly of time:

You can learn a language in 600 hours, play a guitar in 600 hours and even write a novel.

Now work out how many hours you have in a year (8760)

Now the scary part; How much are you squandering a year?

If you watch 2 hours of TV per day that is over 700 hours a year!

How many hours of TV do you watch?

If you sit in social media for 2 hours a day, yip – over 700.

Just those two together you could have learnt a language, a musical instrument and completed the first draft of your novel!

So please stop telling me you don’t have time.

Stop thinking about how to stop wasting it instead!


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