Who is your Superhero?

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If you chose someone from either the Marvel or DC Universe I hate to tell you that you are wrong!

It’s actually YOU!

You just need to find him or her!

You see aspiring to be like your hero should be aspiring to be a better version of you.

You don’t need a spandex outfit or cape (although I’m not judging you if you want to get one).

The reason there are heros in the world is that they are the “better” version of us. They are the people we wish to be or want to be more like.

Well here’s some news, you can be.

If you look at what you think would make you better, at what others want to see from you and what it is that you hold as qualities of people you admire and aspire towards then you have your secret power. Now go be that hero.

Traits are something we develop; unlike natural abilities or talents, we can all build better versions of ourselves. All you need to do is put on the mask or the cape and be that better version.

You see the outfit of the superhero allows them to be or do the things they do (and can do without the outfit). It is just a metaphor, we all have it in us to be and do awesome things. If helps you can even give yourself a super name like the Sales Slayer or Devilish Data Analyst.

Get into character and go kick some butt!


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