Do you know this persuasion trick?

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We have always been told that if you want to get something you need to give in return.

If you want things done for you, you need to volunteer and do them for others.

Well, it’s all wrong.

The best way to get people to do stuff for you is to ask them.

Want people to acknowledge something you did, ask them.

If you are battling to win someone over, don’t try to get even with them or plan their downfall. Ask them for a favour!

You see – they will be caught off guard as if they held any ill feelings towards you – their brain will trick them into thinking that they actually think they like you.

This can work well with clients – especially if the client is being a bit difficult to get to.

Once they have done you a favour, they feel obliged to do so again and again. You have now turned an enemy into a frenemy and could potentially become just a friend.

Asking for something only has two outcomes – a positive or a negative and inmost instances it will be favourable.


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