We all should be great

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We are all born equal so why are only a few of us great?

The problem is in this question.

We are all great!

We all have the same desires and plans to be great at whatever it is we pursue.

So why do only 3% of us become great?

I am not talking about in the famous or well-known sense.

In your own personal mind as in what you feel that you have achieved greatness.

An example – You want to be a great Dad – so why do you feel you are not?

The answer is simple; We sabotage ourselves.

We continually tell ourselves we are going to fail.

We tell ourselves that we are not good enough.

We remind ourselves that we are not as good as we should be etc etc.

It is easier to find an excuse not to do rather than find the reason to do!

We resist greatness through all kinds of triggers.

Try talking yourself into something as opposed to finding a reason to not do it.

It’s easier to eat the sweets and drink the Coke and stay unhealthy rather than say no and go to gym and live a harder but more disciplined and healthier life.

It’s easier to capitulate and procrastinate rather than conquer and complete.

Don’t be part of the 97% – be awesome, be great.

Be you.


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