Want to know the secret move to win any negotiation?

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We are negotiating all the time every day.

Think about it. We negotiate to get our kids to school (and dressed in uniform, not Halloween outfits).
We negotiate with colleagues all day – sometimes just as simple as not playing their music so loud.
Negotiating with customers.

So if we accept that we are negotiating all day every day in our personal and professional lives the one thing that we have to remember is; the secret to winning a negotiation is to understand what they get out of it.

That is it.

You see if you can identify why they would want to do versus what you wish them to do – you will win every time.

This however is a lot easier to understand than to identify. You see this is the simple answer but the task is not simple.

Remember you are trying to get what you want by letting them get what they need to do which you require them to do to get what you want.

I will give you 3 steps tomorrow on how to identify the “WHY” that will trigger them to do what you want them to.


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