How to really live

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Through learning!

I’m not talking about going to university or courses I’m talking about actual learning!

There is a saying: ” Those that can’t do, teach and those that can’t teach, do!”

I want to change the second part slightly.

“Those that don’t teach but learn, succeed!”

You see – the textbooks are great for the foundations, but no one I know ever said – wow look at those awesome foundations when standing on the 42nd floor of a building and taking in the view.

Don’t get me wrong, the foundations are critical – in fact if I was on the 42nd floor of a building I would be glad to know that the foundations had been set correctly.

That, however is the point!

Set the foundations in school and university but don’t make scripted education the cachet of success.

Learn from life, go out and experience life.

I remember my son’s teacher telling us that she would only be to happy if we took him out of school for a month to go on an extended overseas holiday and that he would learn so much more from this experience than the month in school!

So, today, go out and learn something new, then do it again tomorrow and the next day and forever. This is living and truly growing.


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