Team Culture is not just about Fun!

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Do you have the A Team in your company?

A lot of people get the whole team culture thing wrong!

It is important to have fun at work! I love the way our company has 17 different cereals to choose from! We get to go on a team outing every 3rd Friday etc etc etc

Awesome! This is great and I am not suggesting its not important for morale and staff wellness. But it doesn’t have to be WHAT the company is about.

We forget that the reason we have a company is to get shit done!

I don’t know about you, but I want Eagles on my team not Turkeys!

Sounds harsh, it is. In sports we chose the best players for our squad not the ones that have the most fun together. Business is the same. Best people on the team, best outcomes for the company.

Here is the reality, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Clichè I know but true. If your company is chasing a target do you want everyone sharing the vision and going for it or do you need Bob from account management because he can down 16 shooters in 30 seconds?

There is a part two to this.

You need the best people on the verticals and horizontals. In order to win and be the best damn company out there you have to have everyone reading from the same book. This means that the person who answers the phones has to be as good and committed as the person who files the records as does the CEO too.

There is no Plan B – if you don’t win business you have no business. Get the job done with the right people on your team and not only will the 17 bowls of cereal be great but you will have a place to come have them every day.


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