Negotiations! Want some more?

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I always read my previous posts to make sure I am not repeating myself and to see if I left anything out or maybe need to articulate more.

So here are some more tips on how to win at negotiating every time.

Shoot for Mars! – If you negotiate bigger than the actual deal you will be able to settle where you wanted to actually be.
There are many deal points in any negotiation but only a few or even one that is the actual heart of the deal. Often there are ancillaries like who will keep the data or non-circumvent clauses that could be worth more than the actual deal price. So if you negotiate beyond all of these and bigger than they actually are or worth the chances are you will settle on what you actually wanted.

So to summarise – surround the deal outcome with pie-in-the-sky-reaching-for-Mars additions that you know will be knocked back but this is ok because as long as you get knocked back to that which you are after, you still win and the other party feels like they have got a good deal too as they have got you down.

Keep trading – this is an important point – don’t give without receiving – so even if you are giving some of the items I mentioned above that were not actually important to you – you must get them to give something too. You see if you give without getting you are just weakening your position and telling the other party that you can be negotiated down.

Enjoy the negotiation – too many times negotiation is seen as a fight or hostile interaction – case in point, often lawyers are brought in for the negotiation.
The other reason for enjoying is that it sends positive vibes which shows that there is a human component to the actual deal, not just a contractual one. The other reason for the enjoyment part is that if you are not enjoying the negotiation chances are you won’t enjoy the outcome. Very often people don’t realise that if you don’t work well or get good vibes from the people in the negotiation – that there will be difficulties in fixing or getting things repaired if or when remedial action in the future is required.
Think about it – if it is not fun or even hostile negotiating a deal on a new car – what will it be like if something goes wrong with that vehicle and you have to go back to the company you didn’t enjoy getting it from in the first place.


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