How to find leverage

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We spend too much time on trivial tasks.

We are all busy . But are we making money?

The 80:20 principle is there for a reason – we know about it, but we don’t utilise it.

The goal is to spend less time on the biggest returns.

We can spend all day designing a brochure, putting up a web-page or making phone calls to try get something done.

Or we can get others to do all these things and spend our time on the core function – closing the deal.

Yip, Delegation!

If you can learn to delegate and master the skill of finding people that are good at the things you are not, then you can grow exponentially; equally, you can try do everything yourself and find yourself with a lot of drowning and probably not much success.

This is difficult to do – but will be worth it when you can master it.

I have worked with lots of customers helping them do this, let me know if you need me to help you.


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