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I have often spoken about leadership and more importantly inspirational leadership.

But, I haven’t realised or maybe have recently come to realise that things have changed.

Now duh, I know things have changed just look outside, but today I’m actually talking more about the EQ side of things.

In the 20th century we had the alpha-male style leader emulated through business, movies, newspapers, hell everywhere.

Thankfully, we are not in the 20th century anymore.

I have written before that we should take inspiration from those that inspired us to be where we are. In fact have even suggested we should revisit the moments that those people influenced our lives.

I’m not suggesting this is not the case and that you shouldn’t take this advice.

I’m suggesting today, is that we need to look at the world around us and make sure the traits that we found inspirational all that we were special to us are still relevant in this day and age.

Covid has taught us many things and if nothing else it’s taught us that at the drop of a hat, things change.

So while we’re taking inspiration or learnings from previous people and eras it is important you do have to sit down and ask yourself “is it still relevant?”

So for this week when you thinking about all the different things that we can chat about I need you to actually look and take your decisions with one question in mind

“Is it relevant”?

I’m making sure that if we are to be the best leaders possible, we need to also make sure that we are leading in the right way and relevant to this day and age.


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