You can have anything you want!

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It’s a great idea but the reality is you can’t. Worse is trying to have it all or be it all.

Let me expand. You can go after anything you want and you can try be anything you desire but the reality is there is no guarantees.

You can do the hard work, put in the hours of study and pitch to the right people but this will not guarantee you are successful.

Sorry – but it’s true.

However- instead of trying to be everything or get everything hedge your bets.

Sit down and ask yourself what are you truly good at?

Sales? Marketing? The study of insects ? The answer is not important.

The reality is that if you can identify this one thing and then truly focus on it the chances of you succeeding are exponentially increased.

Too many people try and do too many things. This just makes them mediocre at best.

Don’t know about you but I would rather be the best at one than average at many!


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