Push through

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Image: Simon Wild

Yesterday I spoke about hitting the wall so today I thought I would talk a little about what we could try do to avoid that even happening.

Let’s be honest. At this time of the year we are starting to feel tired. Then you take a year like 2020 and it feels 10x worse.

So how do we stay the course?

It’s actually easy and if you were doing it from the begging of the year we wouldn’t need to have this chat.

Compounding our actions.

By doing the same (big or small) things over and over the compound effect of these actions is massive.

How does this help with feeling burnt out?

If you had taken small breaks or a few days off during the year then chances are you would not be feeling flat.

We can’t rewind the year but we can get a head start for next year.

Look at your daily routines, see where you can make some small changes and then most important of all…

Stick to them.


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