Is your perception in line?

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We are the centre of our own universes.

Well unfortunately, so is everyone else.

You see we are a self-absorbed bunch.

Ego-centricity is a phenomenon of human nature.

The reality is people are not focussed on you and what you are doing, what you are wearing or what you are saying (unless you are standing on a stage speaking and that is why they are there.)

This is what created the whole influencer, look at me and what I am eating, movement. Instagram started by allowing people to share, not to follow.

The reality is people don’t actually care about you as much as you do.

When I do my vodcast, #Techknowledgy, I ask my wife if she watched the show and her answer is always the same, ‘Why – I get to see you 247, don’t need to watch you on the show too”.

She is not being mean, she is being honest – she has her own life and own interests.

To be successful we need to understand this about people and then design our marketing or engagement strategies accordingly.

Think like your target and you will probably hit the mark easier and more effectively.


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