You have to be liked

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Dont be unlikeable.

Seems obvious – but you will be amazed how many people don’t get this right.

We do business with, hang out with, work with etc. people we like and want to be around.

Don’t freak out!

Seriously, don’t. Nothing says stay away from that person more than a hissy-fit!

If you are hoping to be a leader and command respect and admiration from people – the best way to go about not achieving this is to be publically aggressive.
PS – Silent treatment is just as bad – shutting down and snubbing people – nope – doesn’t work.

And finally, don’t be narrow-minded or “my way or the highway” either.
Sometimes your way is not the right way – and you will only find this out by listening.

So listen, control and choose who you hang out with carefully.


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