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Big Match Temperament!

I will use a golf analogy today.

If you play the game then you know all the cliches but the most famous one is “Drive for show, putt for the dough!”

Basically a hole is 350m and the big hitters can do a good 280m from the tee. So almost there in one shot.

But if you can’t putt you will lose every time.

Staying with golf. When you standing over a 3 foot putt and you know that if you sink it you win and all that goes with winning like the prize money, endorsements and the fame but miss; and you come second and no one remembers who came second.

So how do you stay the nerves and make the shot? A shot that you have made a million times before in previous games and practice?

The pros do it by focusing on the task not the outcome!

They focus on that single putt not what it will mean afterwards.

Business is the same.

In order to get done that which needs to be done – focus on one task at a time. Don’t think about what will happen afterwards or win or lose.

Do the task and do it right!!


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