How to become more valuable?

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Tough times are always amongst us.

As we face increasing living costs and price increases this can make us feel a bit down.

In order to be valuable we need to build resilience – we need to understand the pain before we can enjoy the pleasures.

No pain no gain!

Harsh experiences are not there to make us suffer but rather to teach us the lessons of how to appreciate the upside.

We need to remember that all the hard work we do (the pain) does not always and rarely immediately bear fruit. Think about how much you have to put in just to get in the door – then the work continues and the long hours etc etc until finally you deliver the project just to find out that there is still a further decision process or time to go until you find out if you have won or lost.

This is character building, not soul destroying – remember to think like this or you will fail!

If you can whether the storms and take the lashings the chances are you will learn what you need to and in such be valuable to your company and team.

A great way of remembering value is in an equation:

The measure of success (or value) is the distance you are prepared to travel and the amount of pain you are prepared to endure to get there.

Think of a marathon runner. They know it is going to hurt and at best be uncomfortable even before they get to the start line. But yet, not only do they show up, they finish and return again the next year or at the next race.

This is value. This is someone that is prepared to go the long yards!


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