Do you know how to avoid the fakers?

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The quick answer is the louder the prouder which actually means they aren’t actually doing that well.

Quiet is might – these are the people that are winning and kicking goals.

You see it is the same in every industry – whoever is successful normally flies below the radar.

So don’t pretend – be authentic. If you are doing well, people will know without you having to tell them.

If you fake it till you make it – you may not ever actually make it but everyone will know you faked it.

When I network I always look for the quiet person in the room. They are normally standing by themselves, not quite in the “mix” but just outside of the noise. These people are observing and listening.

Why? Well, it’s because they are already doing well in their fields. They are listening for the noise to hear what is being bantered around. They are also looking for the loud-mouths so that they know to avoid them there and in the future.
There is nothing wrong with being an extrovert. I am definitely one. The problem is when you brag or blurt out things in public gatherings.

These are the people that are as fake as the Rolex on their wrists.


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