Silence over strength

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They are both powerful but In very opposite ways.

You see anyone can react. A sign of strength is not only physical but sometimes even stronger if verbal. We have all said things that hurt or been on the receiving end of hurtful words.

Adding fuel to the fire normally is the direct result of that which is said back; the reaction.

Remember this is what they person is trying to get you to do.

Try stay silent!

It will not only empower you but it will defeat the instigator.

You see sometimes it is stronger and more powerful to do or say nothing.

This is a characteristic that will also help you succeed on your journey.

When a decision needs to be made or an answer supplied sometimes you will do better to not do or say anything.

Pause, take a moment, process and then if need be, respond.

In following the above your response may be nothing but it is the nothing that is everything.

I guess the lesson today is that there will be times that what we want to do or say will be the worse thing we could do so rather don’t do it or say nothing and see how much better it all plays out.


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