The kill switch

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If you ride a motorbike you will know that there is a kill switch on the right hand side (accelerator side).

This is there to be able to turn the engine off immediately.

Flick the switch and the engine stops.

It is important to learn how to create or dust off your switch.

The last couple of days I have spoken about pausing or taking a break but realise that for a lot of people there is more required to actually do this (not just the physical action but the mental preparation). I have spoken about the preparation before taking a break over the last few days.

So, here we go:

You are not weak for needing to take a break!

Do you feel guilty thinking about taking a break?
Do you go on holiday and constantly check in with the office or read your emails?
Do you think you should be at the office rather than having fun?

Sound familar?

You need to find your kill switch.

Let’s unpack its functionality a bit more.

Back to the motorbike: When the switch is off the bike runs, when you flick it it, the engine stops immediately.

Be a bike!

Ride hard and fast at work but then when you are out the office or even more so, on vacation, flick the switch!
Turn the (work) engine off.

Everything will be fine and will function without you being there.

This is a hard lesson to learn but if you can master it you will see an increase in productivity and longevity!

Remember – Work to live not Live to work!


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