Sprautumn cleaning part 4 of 5

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Today we look at Ops!

I know, the boring stuff – but Operations are critical to both success, performance and cost management!

Yes cost – we spend so much time on email, calls, logging etc.

We need to streamline this – efficiency has a direct impact on the bottom line

We need to ensure that every action, delivery and enquiry is executed at 100% optimal levels.

People always tell me they are so busy.

No one although can tell me what they are busy on!

We all have work to do; this is why it is called work!

It is HOW we do the work and the tasks that make up the work that count. This is the Ops side of our businesses.

Are we being efficient? Is there a better way to do it? Are there software solutions or services that would help us do it quicker and better?

This is the importance of looking at the operational side.

In true Sprautumn spirit – if it’s Autumn where you are: prune the excess if it’s Spring: be ready for growth by removing the old dried up stuff.


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