Stop technology disrupting you

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I can’t believe that as someone that loves and lives for technology I am writing this, but hey …

This is not about not using tech but rather about when not to use tech.

Too many people, my self included, are not actually present in the presence.

Where the defence that the connected word allows us to be connected with those we love and care about or our colleagues or clients – it is also directly to blame for keeping us apart.

In her book, Alone Together, Sherry Turkle talks about how we use technology to connect but equally to act as a barrier keeping us apart. We can hide behind a screen and in such don’t have to have physical interaction with other humans.

So, it is important to find time to switch off, literally switch off, and focus 100% on the person that you are with. Don’t talk with your phone in your hand. Don’t chat while sitting with your laptop on your lap.

Physically connect.


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