Are you doing what you should be?

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Is your calendar fully booked with the most valuable priorities?

Do you allow to many interruptions in your day?

Distractions are the sugar of productivity!

Do you let conversations go on longer than need be?

Chit chat is a real waste of time.

Do you multi task?

Do you love the adrenaline of being overly busy?

Is living in chaos more comfortable than single minded and calm?

Is it too difficult to say no?

Are you often in a crunch to finish projects because you are in over your head?

Do you spend hours on Social media?

Do you waste time doing repetitive tasks?

Do you maintain control of nearly everything? Micro managing is a terrible habit!

Do you believe you can’t afford to hire someone to help you? This is a mindset that says you don’t value your time or health!

This was a lot of questions but it’s important that you ask yourself these on a regular basis. I do!

It’s a great way to start the week and then challenge yourself to change some of these if not all by the end of the week.


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