Do you know one of the key definitions to success?

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It is all about the people you are with.

You see the people around you, that work for you or you work with will impact your success directly.

The saying – you are only as strong as your weakest link… these are the people in the world around you.

If you choose the right people to be part of your journey, your journey will not only be victorious, but a great one too.

This is not about business only, this is your personal life too.

This may sound rough, but even if they are family, don’t spend time with people that do nothing for you.

Don’t hang with people that don’t add value to you or your life and equally if you don’t add to theirs.

I know, how cold can I be? Well the truth is, if you are time poor, why waste it on people you don’t want to be with?

Remember what I said yesterday about the trade off- for every yes there is a no you have to say.

So why spend time with people you don’t want to when they take you away from people you do want to spend time with?

So – the definition:

Success is doing what you love, with the people you love and collectively love doing it.

Success is love. You can also love success.


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