Do you know how to build a lasting legacy?

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The answer is not building a big company. It’s not about winning business accolades or being voted as the “best” of something.

It is also not the money you have and what it can or has bought you.

The above are resume building activities.

A legacy is remembering points of significance. These are moments when we act as humans. When we are kind, caring and compassionate.

It’s the moments that make people say ” He is a stand up guy!”

The important thing is to decide; Do you want to build a legacy that is worthwhile or just spend your time here building objects and wealth?

Remember – it’s your everyday actions and what you actually do that will build the legacy.

The simple understanding of this is to ask yourself: “What do you want people to say or think about you?” Through your repeated behaviour and gestures this will manifest organically. It is not something you could or should do it is something you just do or did do.

Kindness is not planned or built – it just is. So be kind.

Happy Birthday Kade.


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